Who We Are

Founded in 1973, ENCAP Inc. has consistently adapted to the ever increasing ecological risk factors and challenges facing land improvement projects. The company began by offering environmental consulting and planning services as they related to the U.S. EPA Clean Water Act and local ordinances. By the early 1990’s there was a clear need for contracting services that could implement naturalized stormwater management designs, wetland mitigation plans, and other stormwater best management practices. The focus of the company began to shift towards a complete design build solution addressing the ecological challenges encountered during site improvements.

In 1992, ENCAP, Inc. began offering contracting services to implement our wetland mitigation design plans. We discovered that our knowledge of prairie and wetland ecology helped our native landscaping staff make sound management decisions in the field, resulting in a higher quality restoration effort. The Native Landscaping branch of the business has grown substantially over the years. Examples of our native landscaping results can be found in prairie restorations, wetland mitigation projects, stormwater management facilities, and golf courses throughout the Midwest. We are currently managing and maintaining over 200 sites in the Chicago Region.

By the year 2000, regulation and implementation of the U.S. EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, (NPDES) tightened and clients were requesting help with Erosion and Sediment Control Solutions. Over the past 10 years, we have become expert contractors capable of large tract temporary seeding jobs as well as installation and maintenance of temporary best management practices.  Erosion and Sediment Control Contracting Services dovetail with our Ecological Consulting and Native Landscaping Services enabling us to service our clients through every step of the Land Improvement Process.

Over the last several years ENCAP, Inc. has continued to expand is specialty contracting and general contracting services. With a focus on identifying and addressing the environmental and ecological risk factors associated with any project, ENCAP, Inc. has completed many projects both large and small as a general contractor. We offer skilled and knowledgeable project management combined with capable and responsible contracting partners to deliver a high quality product to our clients. Fulfilling the needs of municipal and public agencies and private land developers and financial institutions has given ENCAP the knowledge and perspective to efficiently tackle any project.

Our unique blend of expertise offers unparalleled levels of service and efficiency for our clients. Whether a troubled real estate asset or a sensitive nature preserve, ENCAP can help your project team move from design to completion on time and within budget.

At the end of 2014, ENCAP, Inc. relocated to a larger warehouse location in DeKalb, Illinois.  This new location provided the opportunity to add new personnel, vehicles and equipment to better serve our clients needs.