Agreement To Maintain Records Outside Of Canada Cbsa

Importers, including non-resident importers, are required to register goods imported into Canada. These regulations also provide that these records are kept for a period of six years from the importation of the goods. 9. Users of the CBSA e-Manfest portal are required, in accordance with the information contained in this memorandum, to keep separate records of imported goods. The e-Manfest portal should not be used for recording. 7. Records placed in electronic or micro-filmed form are recognized as account records, provided that the medium can be associated with the source or supporting documents and is supported by a system capable of producing an accessible and readable copy. All importers or their representatives are legally required to keep all their registrations relating to their importation into Canada, six years after the importation of goods in electronic or paper form. These include information on the quantities received, the price paid, the country of origin, the seller, the product and other related information. For resident and non-resident importers, including foreign exporters shipping goods to Canada, registration requirements apply to imported goods.

In general, an importer is required to keep import records at his or her place of activity in Canada. However, an importer can apply to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for permission to keep records at a site in Canada other than its head office. The letter should indicate the business address to which the registrations are kept and the reference of the place to the importer (for example. B accounting office, customs brokerage office). The following topic has been updated and is available on the CBSA website: Memorandum D17-1-21, Maintenance of Records in Canada by Importers 14. Where it is determined that an importer has not met any of the requirements for record keeping, the importer is asked to comply with these requirements within a reasonable time. If an importer does not meet the requirements of point 40 (1) of the Act, the CBSA may: 4. A customs broker, accountant or other agent may be appointed by a non-resident importer to keep its records in Canada. The CBSA only authorizes this name if the importer submits a written request for reconsideration and authorization indicating the commercial address to which the registrations are held, as well as the representative`s relationship with the importer.