ENCAP Erosion Control Minute – Ravine Restoration Revisited

The first 2009 episode of the ENCAP Erosion Control Mintue will take a look back at the project featured in the first epidsode of the Erosion Control Minute. As follow-up is one of the most critical elements of evaluating the success of failure of any project, we will visit the site of ENCAP’s ravine restoration efforts in Kendall County.

We will be taking a look at the grade stabilization structures and ravine restoration efforts and evaluating the practices installed after a full growing season. With one of the wettest years on record as the first year of establishment for these practices, there is no doubt that they were put to the test! Was it a success or failure? What can we learn from this project as we design future ravine restoration efforts? Can rip rap become naturalized over time?

Find out the answers to these questions and feel free to take a look back at the previous ravine restoration episode as we revisit our restoration efforts on the next ENCAP Erosion Control Minute