ENCAP Erosion Control Minute – Straw Mulching

The next episode of the ENCAP Erosion Control Mintue will examine a common practice for seeding and large area stabilization. Straw Mulch application on disturbed areas is a tried and true erosion control practice that has been a staple in the erosion and sediment control industry since its inception. While not applicable in every situation and not the equivalent of modern erosion control blankets or turf reinforcement matting, straw mulching is a great erosion control practice for temporary stabilization or to provide additional cover for large, flat areas.

While often misunderstood, when applied at the appropriate rate and crimped into the soil, straw mulching can hold up to both high winds and heavy rains. While straw mulching should not be applied in areas prone to flooding or in areas of concentrated flows, this can be one of our most underutilized erosion control practices.

Be sure to see this windy demonstration on the effectiveness of straw mulching on this episode of the ENCAP Erosion Control Minute.