Host Family Agreement Form

The parties to this contract are: Pippa`s Guardians 5, Grosvenor House, 127 Church Street, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2BA and The Host Family (“you”), whose name, address and details of the family are shown on page 2 of this agreement. Legal contract: a legally binding contract is concluded as soon as a person duly authorized by Pippaes Guardians has signed and dated this contract, which was previously signed by the host family. Appeal for annulment: If the agreement is terminated in circumstances that raise concerns about the risk of harm to children (or vulnerable adults), Pippas W-chter has a legal obligation under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 to provide complete information to the disclosure and blocking service. Payment terms: We pay you all costs incurred on behalf of the student in accordance with this agreement and our Host Family Fee Structure as described on page 8. Third-party rights: Only Pippa`s guardians and host family are parties to this agreement. Neither the student, nor the parents, nor the third parties participate. HM Revenue – Customs: You will compensate Pippa`s custodians if a right to income tax or national insurance contributions is levied against the Pippa custodian for any payment we have made to you under these conditions. Compensation: You agree to release us from any liability that may result from us for a breach of a duty of care and/or a breach caused (or contributed to) what you (or a member of the host family) does or does not do in the performance of that agreement. I allow a representative of Pippa`s caretakers to check the suitability of the accommodation at least once a year if necessary. We also ask our host families to cooperate in any inspection to which we are subject by AEGIS or any other legal authority and that, as part of this inspection process, a meeting with the host family and access to their accommodation on a pre-agreed date may be necessary. Termination: unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant short-term justification, both parties will terminate at least one period of time before terminating the agreement. The pippa guardian reserves the right to immediately withdraw the student if we reasonably assume that it is necessary to protect and promote the welfare of the student, in which case the payment would be immediately suspended.

If these concerns prove unfounded, we will consider making appropriate adjustments to any wage issues. Pippa`s custodians would not terminate this contract for no reason and, if necessary, consult with the parties concerned. Student Accommodation: If you have students under the age of 16, students over the age of 20 should not be housed in your home at the same time, and you cannot manage a bed and breakfast or host other paid clients when they welcome our students. Appointment and duration of the contract: Subject to the authorization of the disclosure and blocking service (if not already acquired), we appoint you to act as a host family with regard to the students in the custody of the Pippa guards. The contract between the above parties is permanently concluded and, unless there are exceptional circumstances justifying a short-term justification (as noted below in the termination communication, both parties will terminate at least one period before terminating the agreement. Data protection: subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since 25 May 2018, when it replaced the UK Data Protection Act 1998, you agree, on behalf of your own members and other members of the budget, for whom you may accept the collection, use, storage and disclosure of information about you and other members of your budget for the following purposes: Your responsibilities: You hereafter confirm that if you receive our foster care manual that will be issued to you as a result of your successful application, it will be part of your agreement and you will do everything appropriate to fulfill those responsibilities.