Wetland Mitigation

Wetland mitigation is the restoration, creation, preservation or enhancement of wetlands and other aquatic resources to compensate for the direct or indirect impact of development on these areas.

Many state and federal construction permits require wetland mitigation to replace wetland functions that provide public benefits, such as stormwater detention or retention basins, water-quality protection and natural-species habitat. These benefits serve to offset any functional losses caused by permitted development on a water resource.

Primary Aims

Wetland mitigation focuses on three areas:


Evaluate alternatives to a development’s planned actions to determine which will cause the least environmental harm while meeting the project’s demands.


Implement steps to ensure that unavoidable adverse effects of a development’s actions are kept to a minimum.

Compensatory Mitigation

If a development’s impact on a wetland will be unavoidable in spite of preceding efforts and plans, either add new areas to the wetland or create a similar wetland habitat. Compensatory mitigation is required to balance and replace any actions that will affect wetland functions throughout a watershed. It might include mitigation banking, in-lieu fee mitigation or permitee-responsible mitigation.

Skillful, Effective Support and Solutions

ENCAP, Inc.’s seasoned ecological consultants can:

  • develop permitee-responsible mitigation plans to restore, create or enhance aquatic resources within the proposed development area
  • assist with bank credit purchase in the appropriate watershed to offset impacts if or when needed
  • locate public agencies and non-profit organizations sponsoring the collection of funds to build and maintain a mitigation site

Having informed and experienced professionals on your team is a great asset when planning and maintaining development on a wetland. Contact us at (815) 748-4500 for greater insight into wetland mitigation that protects valuable natural resources and satisfies environmental regulations.