Wetland Permitting

Wetlands are regulated at the federal, state and, in many cases, local levels. If you are considering purchasing property that contains wetlands or water resources, you’ll require the proper permitting for site development. Wetland permitting either allows disturbance of the wetland or shows you have a program in place to protect the property and local resources.

Acquiring a permit for developing in and around wetlands, streams, lakes, buffers, floodplains and riparian zones can be slow and cumbersome. With complete knowledge of wetland regulations, ENCAP, Inc.’s ecological consultants provide the right plan and information early in your project to help you reduce delays in the permitting process.

Expert Wetland Permitting Services

Drawing from a long tradition of ecological excellence, ENCAP’s professionals can support you in:

  • Compliance with federal, state, county and local regulations
  • Field-data collection and interpretation
  • Hydrology analysis, restoration, management, monitoring and assessment
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 401 water quality certification permitting
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management permitting and regulations
  • Land planning and consultation
  • Native landscape and best management practice design
  • Natural-area design and consulting
  • Natural-area monitoring, assessment and management
  • Pre-application meetings and consultation
  • S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permitting
  • S. Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determination
  • Design and implementation
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources permitting and regulations

Tree Identification and Species Consultation

Wetland permitting may call for identifying and assessing trees on the property, as well as any threatened or endangered species.

ENCAP’s certified arborists perform thorough tree surveys and vegetative assessments for type and quality according to the ordinances that govern your project. We are also fully qualified and experienced in locating threatened or endangered species in wildlife habitats.

We communicate with regulatory agencies early in the project and with every signed proposal to ensure you avoid obstacles late in the permitting process.

ENCAP provides the insight and foresight you need to remain in compliance and maintain the integrity of regulated water resources. Contact us at (815) 748-4500 to learn more about our proficiency with wetland permitting.