Ecological Restoration

Natural areas typically contain remnant prairies and wetlands, state and federally listed historical nature preserves, large-scale natural forest-preserve land, and state or federally funded restoration projects on public lands. Proper management of these areas is integral to their long-term vitality.

ENCAP, Inc. provides critical guidance concerning the ecological challenges facing land development, restoration and maintenance. Our highly qualified staff offers extensive experience in ecological restoration throughout the Midwest from Indiana to the Dakotas. Our clients include park districts and forest-preserve districts, conservation not-for-profits, mitigation banks, federal and state agencies, municipalities, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Capable of Large Tracts

With a specialized understanding of nature preserves and ecologically sensitive areas, ENCAP’s ecological restoration team maintains and manages sites ranging from 0.10 acre to more than 250 acres. We offer the detailed plans, skilled personnel and proven techniques needed for large tracts in particular.

ENCAP makes a difference in areas with threatened/endangered plant species as well. All plants have a coefficient of conservatism value according to a natural-area assessment tool. Applying that tool, we eradicate low-value plants and help perpetuate those with high values to establish a healthy, desirable natural site.

Versatile with Wide-Ranging Services

Specially developed and properly timed for each project, ENCAP’s ecological restoration services also include:

  • herbicide control of invasive and non-native perennial plant species (broadcast application, spot spraying and hand-wicking methods)
  • prescribed burns and permit authorization
  • installation of live native plants (plugs, trees and shrubs)
  • proper installation of seed (native grasses, forbs, woodlands, prairies, wetlands, sedges and rushes)
  • proper mowing and weed-whacking of non-native, invasive annual plant species (tractor, spot weed-whacking, individual plant removal methods)
  • selective removal of non-native, woody vegetation

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