Prairie Restoration

Prairie restoration revives prairie land that has been lost to or altered by development. It has become increasingly critical to the preservation of our country’s natural areas. For example, although Illinois is referred to as the Prairie State, only a few square miles of original prairie land are left from an initial 35,000. Illinois further ranks near the bottom among states in percent of land remaining in original vegetation.

Prairie restoration particularly contributes to conservation of topsoil, which is exposed to wind and rain erosion after being plowed under for commercial purposes. Restoration also revitalizes prairie plants, many of which can resist insects, drought and disease.

ENCAP, Inc. provides informed, experienced guidance for projects ranging from homeowner backyards to remnant prairie restoration. Backyard restoration helps enrich topsoil, minimize erosion and absorb extra rainfall. Larger remnant prairie projects often entail re-establishing large tracts that return organic carbon to the soil and maintain the biodiversity of thousands of species that depend on the prairie land to survive.

Well beyond prairies, our expertise also includes woodlands, wetlands, riparian areas, flood plains, stream banks, dunes and savannas. Contact us at (815) 748-4500 today to discover more about our skillful and cost-effective land restoration and installation services.