Wetland Restoration

Agriculture, civic projects and residential/commercial development can all impact the quality of water and habitat in wetlands, water resources and other aquatic habitats.  Water-saturated areas can become their own ecosystems with distinctive wildlife, vegetation and aquatic plants.

Many of our country’s fish and wildlife – including threatened and endangered species – depend on wetlands for food, a home and refuge from predators. Well-maintained wetlands also filter pollutants from overland flows and stormwater runoff before they reach downstream water sources.

Seasoned Wetland Restoration Consultants

Through the years, millions of acres of our nation’s wetlands have been removed, degraded or damaged. ENCAP, Inc.’s team of wetland restoration experts help to revive and restore these valuable ecosystems through planning, action and maintenance that protect, improve and increase their sustainability and overall benefits.

Wetland restoration is a complex process that requires knowledge, skill and experience. ENCAP’s specialists have extensive backgrounds in wetland mitigation, restoration, planning and design, as well as in nature preserves/preservation and mitigation bank creation.

We also offer broad capabilities with large tracts of land. Through our work, wetlands retain their unique soil and hydrology characteristics and maintain their natural ecological functions.

Our clients include developers, municipalities, counties, park districts, forest preserves, individual land owners, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other governmental agencies.

Your Source for Wetland Solutions

Working together, you and ENCAP can revitalize and protect our country’s native resources. Contact us at (815) 748-4500 to discover more about wetland restoration and the important ways we contribute to it.