Erosion Control

ENCAP, Inc. specializes in efficient, budget-conscious erosion control for builders, developers, municipalities, park districts, federal agencies and homeowner associations.

Smart, friendly, hard-working and skilled, our versatile staff can serve you from site design and permitting to inspection, installation and maintenance. We provide the solutions you need to comply with regulations while staying on budget and schedule.

Why Erosion Control Matters to Your Business

Protecting the quality of surface water is vital to construction projects and developments. Increased awareness of the effects of site erosion on water quality has led to greater enforcement of regulations by different agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, USACE permitting requirements, county ordinances and municipal codes all call for effective erosion control plans and best management practices for active construction projects and site developments.

ENCAP’s highly skilled and knowledgeable staff draw from decades of training and expertise to provide the best recommendations for your SWPPP.

ENCAP – Complete Erosion Control

With so much to satisfy in erosion control, you need a partner who can navigate the regulatory process, keep your project on task and on budget, and reinforce your trust every step of the way.

ENCAP’s experts focus on proactive solutions rather than reactive responses to prevent sites from facing non-compliance issues. We support you with complete services including SWPPP creation, soil erosion and sediment control (SESC) plan design and installations, inspection by CPESC- and DECI-certified inspectors, and SESC maintenance. We can also help you acquire an NPDES permit.

This support becomes especially valuable for site developments involving slope erosion control; creek restoration; stream, river or ravine stabilization; and hydraulic improvements.

Contact us at (815) 748-4500 today to discover more about the many ways we can help you master erosion control for your project and your budget.