Compost BMPs

Compost Best Management Practices

Compost BMPs are a valuable tool in the erosion and sediment control arsenal.  As a leader in the erosion and sediment control industry ENCAP is proud to offer compost BMPs. Compost erosion control measures such as compost blanket offer the benefit of one hundred percent stabilization as soon as applied to the soil, while providing an excellent growing medium for vegetation. Compost can also be used as a sediment control BMP by building compost berms or by filling mesh socks with compost.  The compost socks act similar to sediment logs, by allowing sediment laden runoff to pond above the sock and drop out sediment prior to filtering through the device.  The compost socks can be made in any length and come in differing sizes allowing them to be used in many applications.

Compost stabilization BMPs use recycled plant and animal waste which has been composted to produce an organic substrate that is rich in nutrients and has a high moisture holding capacity.  The water holding capacity of compost allows for an extended growing period in climates which have somewhat arid months such as July and August in the Midwest states.  Compost also offers the benefit of extending the growing season a few weeks later into the fall and opening up growing conditions earlier in the spring. Compost speeds germination in late fall and early winter plantings due to its ability to gain warmth from the sun and any continued organic decomposition that may be occurring.

Compost sediment control BMPs also use recycled plant and animal waste which has been composted, but the plant material that is used is generally kept in a larger and coarser size which allows water to pass through it more readily. Compost sediment control BMPs have also been shown to reduce other pollutants from stormwater such as heavy metals.  The sediment control BMPs can be used not only as perimeter controls, but in concentrated flow paths, when applied correctly.

Compost is a versatile BMP that ENCAP is proficient with, that allows you to keep your site in compliance while applying the most cost effective solution.