Native Landscaping Services

The ENCAP, Inc. Native Landscaping Division has completed over five hundred native plant community installations over the past 20 years.We are experts in native seed and live plug installation and protection.  Our extensive knowledge of erosion control products and wildlife exclusion methods maximize the chances for successful mature plant establishment.  We are experienced in installation of native herbaceous and woody species in both live plant and seed forms.  We are also experts in natural area management which is a critical component of successful native plant community establishment.

Our extensive experience has provided the staff a vast reservoir of knowledge from which to draw.  This knowledge enables us to tailor installation methods to the unique set of circumstances encountered on or within each project.  Some factors affecting installation methods are seasonal timing, soil conditions, topography, geography, earthwork phasing, and vegetative performance standards.  These factors determine seeding rates, erosion and wildlife protection methods, equipment needs, plant community installation phasing, cover crop needs, and plant material.  With so many factors affecting quality installations, ENCAP, Inc. has assembled a fleet of vehicles, machines, and implements to handle projects of any size and complexity.

We understand the importance of proper communication between owners, contractors, regulators, and consultants, and focus on the critical steps in moving efficiently from planning through sign-off. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that projects are efficiently and effectively implemented and managed in order to meet project design goals and performance standards. Our practical approach has made ENCAP a preferred contractor on a multitude of public and private projects throughout the midwest..

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