Rain Garden Design

ENCAP, Inc. provides skilled, efficient rain garden design for public entities such as park districts, forest preserve districts and municipalities; private and public land developers; homeowners; and homeowner/commercial associations.

We take an informed, practical approach to rain garden design, construction and maintenance. In particular, we understand the vital nuances and variables for managing water flow, stormwater runoff, storage capacity and overall functionality.

Beyond Stormwater Detention

Standard stormwater management involves using drains and storm sewers to direct runoff water from developed areas to a detention pond. This approach helps to manage the quantity of runoff leaving the site, but not its quality. This can cause potential problems for water resources downstream. Three main concerns facing stormwater runoff management are extended high-water levels, higher water temperatures and build-up of runoff pollutants.

A well-designed rain garden stores the initial inch of rain, or “first flush,” to help the water seep into the ground and limit these potential problems. Each rain garden has its own distinctive variables, including site character and general design. Rain gardens can range from a small depression to a complex system of engineered soils, overflow drain features and incorporated native plants.

From Design to Long-Term Maintenance

ENCAP designs, installs and maintains rain gardens that help control stormwater runoff including that from hardscapes, parking lots and adjoining properties. Your rain garden can vary in size depending on how much water you’re looking to capture. You can determine the appearance of your rain garden as well, whether it be controlled and traditional or lush and natural.

With ENCAP rain garden design, you achieve attractive aesthetics, enhanced water quality, an improved habitat and less strain on stormwater systems. An ENCAP rain garden also helps landowners handle water onsite to reduce the impact on older storm sewers, improving water quality and providing more efficient runoff management.

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