Streambank Stabilization

ENCAP, Inc. specializes in the evaluation, design consultation, and construction of streambank stabilization and restoration projects of all sizes throughout the Midwest.

ENCAP’s staff has specialization in both structural and vegetative streambank stabilization practices including stream barbs, grade control structures, rock-riffle complexes, rock step pools, gabion baskets, turf reinforcement matting, brush layering, willow staking, and everything in between. Utilizing practical experience and knowledgeable staff, we focus on applying the appropriate streambank stabilization practice based on the characteristics of the watershed and the exact nature of the streambank erosion. This enables ENCAP to partner with other designers, engineers, and contractors to adequately address the needs of the project and landowner while building a long term solution for the benefit of the stream.

Streambank and stream bed erosion is a naturally occurring process, however human modifications of streams and watersheds through urban development, encroachment, channelization and excavation of streams can lead to accelerated and uncontrolled erosion of streambanks. In streams and watersheds impacted by development, the need to implement streambank erosion protection and stabilization practices is increased due to not only the increased streambank erosion, but also the potential property damage and loss due to the erosion. The process of evaluating the exact reasons for streambank erosion and how best to curb and control streambank erosion is dynamic and often times difficult. ENCAP, Inc. provides the expertise to work on both the evaluation and implementation of difficult streambank stabilization projects.