Native Landscape Maintenance

ENCAP, Inc. has been specializing in Native Landscape Maintenance for over 20 years. The Native Landscape Maintenance staff has extensive experience working within naturalized detention basins, wetland mitigation areas, rain gardens, forest preserves, public park areas, business centers and various other native landscaping projects. Proper management, both in planning and performance, is essential for the prolonged ecological function and prolonged health of these sites.

The Native Landscaping Maintenance team performs work for a wide range of public and private entities including forest preserve districts, park districts, private landowners, land developers and homeowners associations.  These natural areas typically include newer installations and areas in the early stages of development, where management is the most critical. Successful management during the establishment period, as well as continuing with long-term management, is critical to maintain natural areas that progress effectively and function as designed.

ENCAP, Inc. is unique because of our dynamic team of professionals that can successfully handle all aspects of a native landscape project, from initial permitting and design to installation and management.  Our Native Landscape project managers lead their crews through sites that are unique in both their challenges and opportunities. Our team can effectively plan and implement site-specific management strategy that will achieve the best results with the most efficiency.  The Native Landscape Maintenance Division offers a multitude of services to their clients which include:

  • Herbicide control of invasive and non-native perennial plant species (broadcast application, spot spraying, and hand wicking methods)
  • Prescribed burns and necessary permit authorization
  • Installation of live native plants (including plugs, trees, and shrubs)
  • Proper installation of seed (including native grasses, forbs, woodlands, prairies, wetlands, sedges, and rushes)
  • Proper mowing and/or weed-whacking of non-native, invasive annual plant species (tractor, spot weed-whacking, and individual plant removal methods)
  • Selective removal of non-native, woody vegetation
  • Monitoring site establishment and progression
  • Meetings with stakeholders to discuss management plans and site progress.

At ENCAP, Inc. our Native Landscaping and Ecological Consulting Staff are comprised of specialists with a critical understanding of ecological challenges facing land development, today and for the future. See the About Us page for more information on ENCAP, Inc. and our staff.