Detention Basin Maintenance

The building of homes or other developments alters the land on which they stand. Natural plant and open-space systems with softer, permeable soil are often replaced with harder, non-permeable surfaces such as streets, sidewalks or lawns on compact soils. This results in less absorption of rain and stormwater, leading to increased runoff from the land. If left unchecked, such runoff can erode local stream banks and cause significant flooding downstream.

Detention basins planted with native species help slow the rate of runoff created by building and development. They also enhance the quality of stormwater in the downstream creeks and rivers by reducing sediments and pollutant loading. Detention basins are important for the stability of rivers, lakes and streams and so must be correctly maintained. A neglected or otherwise not properly managed basin will not perform its function and can be costly to replace.

Complete and Well-Planned Detention Basin Maintenance

ENCAP, Inc. provides naturalized detention basin maintenance for park districts, municipalities, homeowner/commercial associations and private-property owners. We can support you in new design and new-basin management as well as improvement of existing basins and remediation of unmaintained basins.

A maintenance program often includes frequent reviews and inspections by a licensed civil engineer, vegetation management, embankment and outlet stabilization, debris and litter control, and sediment/pollution removal. We also enable you to recognize and maximize the great long-term advantages of native-area maintenance as compared to shorter-term, traditional turf-area maintenance.

ENCAP detention basin maintenance results in greater aesthetics, enhanced water quality, improved habitat, reduced local flooding and better control of invasive and non-native species within the landscape.

Your Optimal Ecological Resource

With ENCAP naturalized detention basin maintenance, you add to the beauty of natural areas; protect property, safety and health; preserve the environment for fish, birds and other wildlife; and ultimately lower your long-term costs.

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