Dewatering Solutions

ENCAP, Inc. offers a specialized dewatering service, further expanding its commitment to water quality. This service includes design, installation, and maintenance of temporary dewatering systems. ENCAP, Inc. incorporates anionic polyacrylamides (A-PAM) in gel block (Floc Log) and granular forms into these systems. A-PAM facilitates collection of clay particles from discharge water which greatly reduces turbidity of flows prior to release from a site. Dewatering systems can take on many forms depending on site constraints, volume and duration of pumping, regulatory environment, and time of year. ENCAP, Inc. considers all of these factors in order to produce the most efficient system for each challenge.

Construction activities almost always require temporary dewatering. Whether it be pumping storm water or groundwater from an excavation, in-stream work, or sediment trap/basin maintenance. Discharges resulting from these and other dewatering activities are almost always regulated. In recent years water quality standards have consistently become more restrictive and varied across regional boundaries. Additionally, enforcement continually becomes more intense with severe penalties for non-compliance. These factors often necessitate
implementation of specialized systems to ensure compliance. Sediment discharge is of particular interest to the regulatory community as it has been identified as the greatest single pollutant, by
volume, discharged to water bodies.

Technologies and best management practices associated with dewatering activities continually advance due to the demand for cleaner water. This puts a well informed contractor at a tremendous advantage over those that continue to operate by antiquated means. Proper implementation of appropriate practices creates a controlled condition to ensure a consistent, compliant discharge. This allows contractors to continue work without the worry and hassle of pumping operations. ENCAP, Inc. is constantly researching, testing, and developing these practices while maintaining all of the tried and true standards. The knowledge gained from this effort makes ENCAP, Inc. an invaluable resource for contractors, developers, engineers, municipalities, and consultants.