The Woodlands of Hinsdale

Phase I Green Infrastructure Improvements – Persistent stormwater infrastructure failures and flooding in the Woodlands subdivision in Hinsdale, IL, lead to an extensive and creative multi-phased and integrated stormwater infrastructure improvement project in 2012. Without centralized stormwater detention facilities in the area and no available land to construct new facilities, the project relied upon constructing a series of decentralized stormwater storage facilities and underground vaults to both store stormwater runoff and to reduce the time of concentration in the watershed to reduce flooding impacts.

Over 30 rain gardens, bioswales, and bio-infiltration facilities were constructed in the first phase of the project. Runoff from the streets were directed into open curb cuts and boulder channels to store water in the rain gardens and bioswales. These green infrastructure facilities then filtered stormwater into underground storage vaults and newly constructed storm sewers. These biofilters helped clean stormwater prior to discharge. These areas were planted with a mix of native and ornamental plantings and decorative stone edging to provide ascetically pleasing landscape features for the community.

The project was completed in 2013 and has won awards from the APWA-Chicago Metro chapter and several other organizations.